Finding better options for street animals

Rescue, rehabilitation, re-homing and education


Want to make a lasting impact?

Volunteer Your Time!

Dog sanctuaries all over Thailand need reliable and hard working volunteers.

From physical labour, construction and plumbing to social media and blogging - everyone can help!

Small actions today can make a big difference in the future...

How to help a rescue dog, even if you can't donate!

The sad fact of reality is that some of us, no matter how hard we try, can’t afford to donate to charity.

The pictures of the abused, abandoned and unloved doggies make our heart-ache, but when you physically can’t give anything, what can you do?

Need to get your rescue dog home?

Experienced Flight Volunteers

Organised cost-share flights from Bangkok around the world to get your rescue dog or cat home.

Found an abandoned or sick animal?

How can I help strays?

It’s the question we hear the most… “I have found an injured/abandoned/sick dog/cat on the street, what can I do to help?”

Here we’ll break it down and give advice based on our own experiences and knowledge

What illnesses effect animals found on the street?

Common Health Issues in Street Dogs

A dog that comes from the street, a stray, will more than likely have health problems due to a lack of veterinary care, especially those that have been stray for an extended period of time.

Street dogs can also have behavioural problems due to a lack of human contact, socialisation and training. This article aims to highlight some of these issues.

It's easier than you might think..

How to adopt a street dog (or cat!)

So you’ve spent the day relaxing on the beach, sipping cold coconuts and watching the sunset on a hot, sticky night, when there is a wriggle from under the table next to you, a flash of fur. Before you know it, you have your arms full of wriggling puppy, or purring kitten. And every night it’s the same.

You and your new friend are in love, and you can already imagine introducing him to your parents, siblings, hamster. 

But how easy is it really to take your new friend home?


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We are an all star team of animal lovers from around the world who all have one thing in common - wanting to help street animals of the world!

If you have a skill to contribute to this project, please contact us and help us grow and save more dogs and cats from a life on the street!

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