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An interview with Nicole, Co-Founder of Animal Army

Animal Army are a united network of animal rescuers, veterinarians, government authorities and individuals who strive to improve Animal Welfare operations. Current Animal Army deployment is in Thailand, Southeast Asia. This amazing foundation generally help the most extreme cases of abuse and neglect, and have had miraculous results thanks to their dedicated and experienced team. 

ActionForDogs assisted Animal Army at their Koh Chang Mass Spay event in March 2020, and have been closely following their work since. We matched pledges for "Wonky's Wheelchair", and host their adopted dogs at our very own Foster House in Koh Chang.

This is a foundation that does not shy away from a challenge, and never declines an animal in need. While their social media may be quite graphic for some, they do a fantastic job of raising awareness of the plight of street dogs and inform and educate their followers along the way. Why don't you join the Animal Army?

We caught up with Nicole, the Co-Founder of Animal Army for a quick chat in between her emergency case-loads. 

If you could be one of your dogs for a month, which dog would you be?

Ozzie, he is rude and bossy and gets away with it.

What rescue memory is a highlight that cheers you up on the hard days?

Rescuing Ozzie from Koh Chang on our honeymoon, which started our animal welfare journey in Thailand all those years ago. He is the reason we continue to fight for animal welfare in Southeast Asia.

What's your biggest challenge right now?

Subsequent to the pandemic, financial hardship continues to suffocate rescue operations in Thailand.

Shelters are folding and food scarcities place mounting pressure on street animals to fight for survival.

Our medical cases are through the roof.

Owned dogs are being dumped, due to the hardship placed on families by forced unemployment. The clinic is full and the emergencies keep coming.

What should people know if they are considering before adopting from abroad?

Ensure you have a frank conversation with the rescue organisation about the dog you are considering adopting. Watch videos of the animal and assess their behaviour. Know their history and be sure you are choosing a personality that will integrate with your existing circumstance/pack.

If you are considering a very traumatised animal, think about professional training and decompression techniques. It may not be easy, but every well considered adoption is invaluable.

What is a common misconception people have about what you do?

We are not a shelter. We are a professional clinic with trained experts, providing emergency aid and lifesaving medical intervention. Our mission is to support stray animals with medical programs and prevent breeding cycles and disease spread. We also assist authorities in the fight against animal cruelty.

What would you most want others to know about the plight of stray pets and pet rescue/adoption that they may not already know?

People can help with $1. Buy a reflective "collar for a dollar" and save a life.

If you can't adopt an animal, please sponsor one. If you can't sponsor, a small donation can change a life and buy vaccines. If you can't donate at all, please share posts. Change is only possible with support, it takes an army!

How can readers help you with your mission?

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