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An interview with Julie from Dog Rescue Thailand

Dog Rescue Thailand are based in a remote and lesser-visited area of Thailand. Against all the odds, they have a thriving shelter and a dedicated team. Jule from DRT gives us the rundown! 

If you could be one of your dogs for a month, which dog would you be?

I would be MARTA. The reason is: Because of DRT donors, she finally received the medical supplies she so urgently needed. She was in such a bad shape, suffering tremendous pain and was ignored by mostly everyone. Finally someone informed us and we took her in for treatment. MARTA is on her way back to life, a life that is worth living. Finally pain free! Finally treated with dignity by people.

What rescue memory is a highlight that cheers you up on the hard days?

When I watch the former paralyzed dogs run, jumping and play with each other. We have many dogs that could be treated with physiotherapy, high quality thai herbs, vitamin B 12 and other supplements. To see their spirits shining and their bliss to be agile again, that just pushes every cloud aside.

What's your biggest challenge right now?

We are facing a lack in donation. Because of the tense global economic situation we do not receive enough money.

What should people know if they are considering before adopting from abroad?

They should consider that it might take a while until the dog can show its full personality. Some dogs need more time to arrive in their new home. Different climate, different people, speaking different languages, different smells, animals they probably never met etc. If people accept this circumstance, the result is (in our experience), pure love and gratitude.

What is a common misconception people have about what you do?

Local residents sometimes think we are dog breeder. Which is why we have attached signs to our front gate explaining that we are a rescue organisation, helping suffering stray dogs in need and carry out sterilization campaigns. For some local residents, our engagement is still unusal. People from abroad sometimes say: "There is enough to do in our own country, why donate to Thailand?" We then counter this statement with the following: EVERY animal deserves to be treated with respect. NO animal should be abused or suffer from pain, hunger or thirst. If you stand up for it and work for it and everyone contributes a small part, then the world that has gotten so wrong, will be brought back into balance. No matter where you get involved, you ALWAYS do the right thing, because you help to change the big picture and you change the life of this one animal in need.

What would you most want others to know about the plight of stray pets and pet rescue/adoption that they may not already know?

Often tourists and locals say "leave he stray dogs alone, they are wild animals". This irritates me because stray dogs are DOGS. They are PETS. They are NOT made to care for themselves. They are not able to hunt properly they also lack other elementary skills that wild animals use to survive. What else should they do then rummaging through people`s garbage to survive? That is just unworthy and sad and survive with no guarantee. Dogs that are in danger of starvation become aggressive. If you feed them regularly and take care of their health, if their reproduction is restricted, then a harmonious life as community dogs is possible and peaceful for everyone involved. The most important thing is, that people stop dumping their pets on the streets.

How can readers help you with your mission?

Spread the word for our organisation, share our posts on facebook, and become a monthly donor. They can come and visit, volunteer, and organize fundraisers for us.