AWW - New Hope For Animals


An interview with Amanda Hamp,

of New Hope for Animals

New Hope for Animals are a small and relatively unknown sanctuary. But true sanctuary they are! We caught up with Amanda, who has worked there for some time now and in between updating the website, fixing up the social media AND caring for plenty of dogs in her own home, Amanda gives us the low-down on life at New Hope for Animals.

If you could be one of your dogs for a month, which dog would you be?

Of ALL our dogs, at the moment I would choose Sii!

He lives in the kitchen/sala/staff housing area. So perk #1 is that he get attention super often. He also is so friendly with visitors, so people are happy to spend time with him. Reason #2 is that when someone leaves his area, he howls after them! So if I can't speak for a month, at least I can howl and communicate still :)

What rescue memory is a highlight that cheers you up on the hard days?

I love thinking about our little Boon Pa. He was found alone, hungry, and tethered, with a metal chain digging into his skin. He came to our shelter and we worked to heal his wounds. He was lucky enough to go to a foster home once he was healed, so he was able to have a loving home, even if only temporarily.
BUT it ended up not being temporary! His foster mom adopted him and brought him to the US with her!

What's your biggest challenge right now?

Our biggest struggles are really split between the lack of adopters and our financial struggles.

They really go hand in hand, because our funds can only go so far with the large number of dogs we have. Unfortunately, we are not very well known, and yet definitely overcrowded with around 400 dogs.
We do have some super generous donors of course! But most of the costs are covered from the owners personal funds.

What should people know if they are considering before adopting from abroad?

The best tip for adopting abroad would probably be to prepare to be flexible and accommodating. From the travel plans from country to country to the time it can take for your new dog to adapt to your home and family, patience is needed!

What would you most want others to know about the plight of stray pets and pet rescue/adoption that they may not already know?

I would like to really impress on others just how many stray/rescue dogs there are in need.

When I lived in the US, I never saw a street dog. I only saw a small, local dog adoptions centre. I was unaware of the number of completely overcrowded shelters there are in the US, as well as of course other countries.

Now in Thailand, the dogs in need include street dogs and dogs dumped at temples and other places.

Now, this is on top of many shelters full of rescues needing support. With this great need, we all need to do a bit to help!

How can readers help you with your mission?

There are so many ways to help! Following our journey on social media and sharing with friends is a great place to start. If you are in the area, we, of course, welcome visitors and volunteers!

We have about 400 dogs, so if you or anyone you know if looking to adopt, please reach out to us!

We also have routes to accept donations that will go directly into our shelter.