AWW - Phangan Animal Care (P.A.C.S)


An interview with Dale Morton of Phangan Animal Care For Strays (PACS)

We have long been a huge fan of PACS and the amazing work they do with such limited resources. While Koh Phangan may be a paradise for us, but the dog and cat population on the island seems to always be on the rise and without PACS the situation would be dire for companion animals there. We caught up with Dale who gives us an honest and heartfelt interview about life on the island, and the impact of Covid-19 on their valuable work. 

If you could be one of your dogs for a month, which dog would you be?

I would be Lottie because he is such a lunatic. I would really suck up to people (more than normal) to try and get someone to be my forever family. I have only 3 legs but that doesn`t stop me trying to wind up all the other dogs.

What rescue memory is a highlight that cheers you up on the hard days?

Honda had serious hip surgery after being hit off the road by a vehicle. Following the surgery, Honda kept himself in a corner, not moving, not happy. After many weeks, we thought he would not figure out how to walk again, luckily with time (many many months) and a physiotherapist who came to our door, Honda slowly started to use his back legs again.

What's your biggest challenge right now?

Our biggest challenge right now is in Koh Phangan, more and more dogs are being abandoned, searching further and further for food.

This means a lot more road traffic accidents, in the last week we have had 3 new road traffic accidents.

This puts serious stress on our resources, our money and our space.

What should people know if they are considering before adopting from abroad?

That most thai street dogs don`t know how to play catch :P

What is a common misconception people have about what you do?

Phangan Animal Care For Strays is a hospital and not a shelter.

Although we have a few dogs at PACS that had nowhere else to go and ended up staying (They are looking for their forever home).

People bring us quite healthy street animals and want us to take them in. These street animals are fed on the street and unless injured we will not take them in and imprison them.
Thai street animals is part of Thailand. We do our part by sterilizations - reduce the population humanely.

What would you most want others to know about the plight of stray pets and pet rescue/adoption that they may not already know?

If you are a tourist who decides to take a dog from the street for a month holiday - please do not.

Many dogs are moved from their areas where they are fed and safe. Moving them and abandoning them after a month is not only mentally challenging for the dog but the dog may be put into an unsafe area or an area where no one is feeding.

I know it comes from the heart, but if healthy please leave an animal where it is.

How can readers help you with your mission?

Donations, donations and donations.

COVID has hit everybody hard, we understand this. We also have been hit hard and monthly subscriptions are the only way we can guarantee our continuance to help the animals of Koh Phangan that can`t help themselves.