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An interview with Jazmine, Founder of Vet Van Thailand.

What are the biggest challenges faced by the best Vet Van in Thailand? How can you help reduce the number of stray dogs, directly from your sofa?

Founder Jazmine fills us in on the highs and lows of running the Vet Van in the hardest to reach areas of Ranong province.

If you could be one of your dogs for a month, which dog would you be?

Dobby! My happiest, most goofiest dog who smiles and enjoys every second of his life.

What rescue memory is a highlight that cheers you up on the hard days?

There’s a few but overall, just thinking back at how many lives we’ve prevented from suffering on the dangerous streets with our ongoing CNVR (catch - neuter - vaccinate - release) and adoption programs, gives me the kick to power through those hard days.

What's your biggest challenge right now?

Ohhh, tricky one to answer as there are always a few equally big challenges. 

One is ensuring all our adoptable animals get the right, forever, homes. 

Then like most rescuers I know, having enough funds to keep going on our mission is always a huge challenge. 

Not forgetting the physical and mental challenges we have to endure daily. 

Few too many.

What should people know if they are considering before adopting from abroad?

Patience is key! Never rush your adopted pet and always give him/her the love and support but also the space they need to adjust to their new life. Remember it’s a whole new world for them

What is a common misconception people have about what you do?

I’m not too sure but maybe some don’t understand the extent of which I work and sacrifice for animals and my organisation. Maybe because I’m often behind the camera rather than in front of it but my role isn’t no 9-5 job I can tell you that much

How can readers help you with your mission?

Everyone can help improve Thailand’s stray animal population issue and end suffering.

🖐🏼 Volunteer - Lend a hand & work with us.

฿ Donate - To rescues, spays & rehabilitation

🏠 Adopt - Don’t shop!

🏡 Foster - Help while we seek forever homes.

➡️ Share our work, you never know who may see it. Educate others.

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