Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week

Animal Shelter and Rescue Appreciation Week 

Featuring Happy Dogs Koh Chang


This week marks Animal Shelter Week – a time to recognize the care that shelters and rescues provide to abandoned and stray animals, and recognize the dedicated people who support these organizations, protecting and caring for vulnerable animals.

Happy Dogs Koh Chang is a non-profit organisation based in Koh Chang, a small island near the Cambodian border. Established in 2012, they have made a positive difference by improving the health, safety and quality of life for strays and pets in the community.


They’re dedicated to helping those without a voice, and caring for those who desperately need it the most.


Happy Dogs Koh Chang’s Mission! - Making the island a better place for cats and dogs


‘To provide and promote the humane treatment of animals on Koh Chang through education, animal protection and to help dogs in need through feeding, free spay/neuter, vaccinations, sheltering, adoption and by building a community where people value animals and treat them with respect and kindness to end the pain and suffering of abandonment, neglect and cruelty.

They strive to strengthen the human-animal bond’


Even during the current pandemic, their hard work continues but they can’t do it alone - they need our help!


Happy Dogs Koh Chang is funded entirely on donations, volunteers, and sponsorships. Without the good-hearted will of supports and followers, their life-changing work wouldn’t be possible. 


The COVID-19 crisis has changed the life of many, especially those who rely on tourism to survive. Thailand is in a standstill, and now there are more abandoned pets than ever. These forgotten victims are now scavenging for food in threat of starvation. Many of these are suffering from malnutrition, disease, injuries and mange.


The number of dog victims is always rising, but the money is running out quickly



How can you help


There are many ways to support and show the love to the awesome team! Whether you want to sponsor a dog, donate to vet bills, donate to their foster house, or even buy them a something for Christmas - your donation will really make a positive difference and go along way.