Beat the Heat Month!


February is Beat the Heat Month, and it has nothing to do with the weather.
Beat the Heat is an orchestrated joint effort with humane societies, clinics and shelters to provide affordable spay and neuter services for our furry friends.

Did you know that an unspayed female dog, and her mate, and all their offspring and their offspring’s puppies can add up to 67,000 dogs in just six years?!
And cats also have the same staggering statistics!

Don’t get us wrong, we LOVE puppies, who doesn’t?
Especially when they are all fluffy, and have that baby smell about them.

However, the sad truth is that there aren’t enough homes to take care of the potential numbers of animals that can be born. Do you have 67,000 who are looking to adopt a dog? We wish!

What’s worse, and most heartbreaking is that most of these unwanted, and abandoned animals end up with a terrible quality of life, and have little hope of surviving.

This month Action for Dogs is sponsoring and raising money for our fellow Rescuers and friends at Animal Army in hope to raise 28 pounds for 58 hounds to get vaccinated & sterilized!

Thailand is home to millions of abandoned pets, and every day Animal Army are finding an upsetting number of mums and puppies who desperately need our your help.  As it currently stands they have found the total of 54 abandoned pups and mums, and this number is continuously growing…

One particular plight Animal Army is currently facing concerns a total of 12 pups and one mum found in a green waste pile near a busy road in Pattaya, Thailand. Rescuer Jim has been looking after the beautiful pups, and thankfully between him and their diligent mum the puppies have remained safe - however, concerns for their welfare grow every day!

The consequences of living rough on the street can be hazardous for any dog, especially a pup who is quickly becoming independent. The sad truth is that most puppies on the streets die young age from contracting diseases such as Distemper, Parvovirus, or Rabies.

There’s also an extreme risk of them getting injured or killed by other animals, poison, road traffic and even in some horrific cases set on fire! 

Why are there so many stray dogs in Thailand you ask?

The reason for Thailand’s pet problem is simple: Pet owners simply fail to spay and neuter their animals. Now more than ever more owners are frequently abandoning their dogs because they simply cannot afford to take care of them, especially now when the majority face unemployment.

These abandoned strays then wind up meeting other strays and have puppies. And then their puppies will have puppies, and their puppies’s puppies will have even more puppies...and so on!

Each year in Thailand alone, approximately 68,000 puppies are born on the streets, so it is vitally important that as dog lovers we come together and address the issue in a safe and humane way.

What can we do to help control the dog population in Thailand?

The only ethical and the most effective way of managing a street dog population is through a mass spay and neuter programme, or CNVR (Catch, Neuter, Vaccinate, Return)!
Don’t worry we’re not going to send you off into the jungle to chop some balls,
you can leave the down and dirty work to us!

We worked alongside Animal Army at their Koh Chang Mass Spay Event March 2020 and witnessed their hard work and dedication towards the animals first hand.
Since then, we have been closely following their amazing work!

Who are Animal Army? 

Animal Army is a licensed veterinary clinic in Thailand who focus on providing lifesaving medical care for homeless street animals. Their qualified experts and united work of rescuers, veterinarians, shelters, adoption groups, foster homes and international transporters are improving animal welfare across Thailand.


Their current projects focus on street animal sterilizations, vaccinations, microchipping, injury recovery and disease treatment. Once adult dogs are recovered and treated, they are released wearing Animal Army reflective collars for additional lifesaving measures to promote community awareness. Puppies are adopted into loving homes and become the new generation, who won't continue the street life cycle.

How can I help Animal Army continue to carry out their heroic work?

Despite being in the midst of a pandemic, Animal Army continues to carry out their super-human work and save countless animals' lives. However, with a total of 54 puppies and 4 mums now in desperate need of sterilization and vaccination, Animal Army cannot save them alone.

So far Action for Dogs has been able to sponsor two of the puppies to get vaccinated and sterilized, with a further three are checking in at our tropical foster house in Koh Chang.

Can you help us save the lives of the others, and give them the fighting chance that they deserve?

Here is a rundown of what your donations can do…

- 700THB (£20) = Vaccination & Sterilization for one pup!
- 330THB (£8) = Deworming and De-fleaing for one pup as well as help for any further complications
We understand that times are tough for everyone right now, so the Action for Dogs team put our brains together to think of ways that we could give a little back too!

For every pound, your name will be put into a lucky draw for your chance to win some Pawsome Action for Dogs Prizes!

Our Charity Raffle offers a first prize of An Action for Dogs Hoodie and a £30 Shopforstreetdogs Store Voucher, a second-place prize of an Action for Dogs T-shirt & £20 Store credit and a third-place of £10 store credit on Shop for Street Dogs.

So what are you waiting for? Dig deep in your pockets, check down your sofas, look under your bed, and donate a pound today to save a pups life, and get your paws on some goodies!

100% of proceeds go to Animal Army!

The Raffle Draw will be announced on Monday 1st April 2021.

To donate today, and for your chance to win some goodies follow the link below.

Make your contribution and save the hounds here!