December 2020 Roundup

December 2020 Roundup

What an insane year. 


We did manage to put it into words...


Here is ActionForDogs' 2020 year in review, and some exciting plans for 2021!

Our year started off fantastic, with our flyers collecting and flying dogs to destinations all over the globe.


In March, we assisted with a mass spay on Koh Chang, co-ordinated by the amazing teams at Animal Army and Happy Dogs Koh Chang. It was 5 pups found during this mission that created an urgent need for a safe house, which we sourced, opened and staffed within 3 days! 

In April, Covid19 essentially shut down air-travel, and for several months we were unable to fly dogs or cats anywhere. We could no longer get our flight team into Thailand, so we had to evolve accordingly in order to ensure pets could travel again ASAP. 

By July, we had launched our “Fly For Us” program for members of the public to join our flight team. This enabled us to get pets back in the sky and connect with some amazing flyers who will be joining our Flight Team as regular flyers as soon as restrictions allow. 

In September, we had a record month and it felt like our feet didn’t touch the floor! We began building an online store for adopters, and also started creating a matching service for adopters and rescue dogs. 8 of our own rescued dogs left Bulgaria for new lives in the UK. We were in full swing! 

By December, airlines were beginning to cancel flights again, and country restrictions, unfortunately, meant a number of our flights were canceled, leaving disappointed adopters still waiting for their beloved pets at home. 

We put the final touches on our Pawfect Match Service. Two of our Bulgarian bottle-raised pups headed to their forever homes in the UK, one even got his own Instagram account!

So, where do we think 2021 will take us?

Our focus will primarily shift away from high volumes of flights and move more towards assisting legitimate rescuers with their adoptions and fundraisers as we move into 2021. Stay tuned for updates when Pawfect Match is officially launched!


With fewer flights and scarce flyers, we will continue to grow our Frequent Flyer Team as we are able, and will be ready to fully mobilise the Flyer Team as soon as quarantine restrictions are relaxed for visitors to Thailand. All flights, starting January 2021 will be carbon-offset, and 20% of profits will now go directly to a Mass Spay event in Thailand. 


We will be launching an affordable full-service European Pet-Taxi Service, assisting pet-owners with their relocations all over Europe. With dual registration and licensing, we are able to legally transport pets all over Europe, professionally and safely. 


Because we care! We have developed to ensure all adopters are able to access quality, relevant products for their street dog rescue. The plan is to grow the ranges, especially the escape-proof harnesses, to make them accessible and functional for all adopters, keeping your dog safe and secure at all times. 


ActionForDogs will continue to support Good Rescuers and look forward to giving them the exposure they deserve. 2020 has been a turbulent year for many, and we hope that by working together, 2021 can hold a brighter future for rescues, rescuers and adopters alike, all for the benefit of the animals in their communities that need it most.