What's involved when you join the Flight team?

You can’t say that you’ve travelled in style until you’ve travelled with a pack of dogs!

Each year hundreds of dogs get adopted from the streets of Thailand to loving homes all around the globe. Have you ever wondered how they actually get from A to B?

As much as they’d probably love to check themselves in, do a couple of tricks to get upgraded to first-class and get treats from duty-free - they have to rely on volunteers to take them to their new homes.

What is a Flight Guardian for animals?

An ActionForDogs Flight Guardian is exactly how it sounds.  You are helping an adopted dog (or cat) on their journey to their new home. This doesn’t mean that they’re going to sit next to you on the plane, you just have to accompany the pets as your excess luggage.

Just think of it like hitchhiking! Pets are waiting patiently for a ride (although they don’t know it yet) to the happily ever after they always dreamed about. 

Becoming a Flight Guardian is a rewarding and truly magical experience for both you, the adopter, and of course the rescue. If you’re an animal lover, who loves to travel this could be the perfect opportunity for you to do what you really love while making a difference.

What’s involved when I am a Flight Guardian for Action for Dogs?

We ensure that the journey is as easy and stress-free as possible for everyone involved, especially the animals. In other words, there is little work or effort on your part.

The Flight Guardian simply has to show up at the airport on time and meet our team and the rescues. Like any other flight, you would go to arrivals and check-in, just this time you will have the heaviest, most precious baggage that you’ve ever had.

Our team support you every step of the way. 

Your biggest responsibilities when becoming a Flight Guardian are:


1. Meet at the airport on time

Nobody likes to be unorganised and rushed, especially before a flight. We ask volunteers to show up three hours before the flight is scheduled to leave. This is less stress for the animals and they can be with their flight volunteer right up until boarding time.

2. Have a mobile - capture the experience and send updates and pictures to anxious adopters
As you can imagine adopters are quite nervous knowing that their babies are about to take on the biggest journey of their lives. Throughout the journey,  we like to ensure them of the safety of their pets by taking photos and sending updates (when able to do so).  So take advantage of this opportunity and take lots of cute photos for adopters to see.

A Selfie with rescued pets at an airport? That’s got to be one for the bucket list!

How many likes do you reckon you’ll get?

Maybe you can inspire others to apply to become a Flight Guardian!
Make sure to tag @actionfordogs!

3. Be considerate and loving towards the rescues
Flight nerves are common, but put yourself in the doggo’s crate for a minute. Imagine how they are feeling? This is all new to them and they have no idea what’s going to happen next. Be calm, loving and friendly - we want to make sure the pets are as relaxed as possible.


Travelling with Pets sounds fun but what happens when we arrive at our destination?

*TIP - make sure you’ve got tissues ready - you’re gonna need them*

When you arrive you’ll collect the pets in their crates at the oversized baggage area. You will then wheel your pets through immigration and customs, where you’ll be required to show the animal’s paperwork. A member of our Action for Dogs team will be waiting for you at arrivals.

Sometimes very grateful adopters will also be at arrivals waiting with open arms to welcome their new pet into their family. Imagine the satisfaction you feel when you see the animal first meet his or her new family.

 It’s a warm loving feeling you won’t forget and you should be very proud of yourself.
You have helped give a street dog the chance of a new life!

I bet you're thinking - ‘Why didn’t I hear about this sooner? This sounds amazing.’

Well, guess what? It just keeps getting better…

For your heroic, life-changing good deed Action for Dogs will pay for your ticket.

An act of kindness doesn’t go unnoticed in our eyes. We would either like to financially assist you on your flight or you can donate your ‘Flyer Fee’ to a recognized animal charity of your choice.

For that one flight alone you are not only saving the lives of the pets you are taking but, countless other animals in need of our help.

Once you’ve been a flight guardian once, you’ll 100% want to be one again.

Having a team of Flyer Guardians who love animals and love to travel is important to us. Why not always go on your adventures and take rescues with you? We will always continue to financially assist you on your travels. We incentivise our most frequent flyers and have annual team trips and activities in which our top-flyers are invited to participate in. 

Saving and giving street dogs a second life is our number one priority and with your continuous help just think how many lives we can save, together.

Are you leaving Thailand and want to be a part of something magical?

If you are already in Thailand with a ticket booked home and want to know if you can transport some pups to their forever homes, then please contact us directly with your ticket number, airline and flight date and we will get back to you ASAP. 

We are currently waiting to fly pets to homes in the USA, Canada, Europe and UK Via France.

To sign up or to find out more information go to our ‘Flyer Page’! If you want to speak to a member of the team to find out more please don’t be shy we’d love to help you with any queries.