Happy Wolfenoot

Happy Wolfenoot!

So how are you celebrating Wolfenoot day?

Wolf - e - What you say?`

Wolfenoot: no hate, only snoot boops. A holiday on November 23rd that celebrates canines, kindness, and humans who embrace both!

Never heard of it? We promise we’re not pulling your leg!

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and all your more traditional holidays took thousands of years to birth. Woofenoot leapt into existence practically overnight,  via the magical mind of a child and the powers of the internet.

What is Wolfenoot Day?

Wolfenoot is a made-up holiday,  or it was a made-up holiday until people started celebrating it. It was created by a 7-year-old boy who told the idea to his mum, Jax Goss in Newzealand in 2018.

The concept is simple but so effective and thoughtful...


It is when the Spirit of the Wolf brings and hides small gifts around the house for everyone. People who have, have had, or are kind to dogs get better gifts than anyone/

The concept was tweeted out by his mom, and it quickly blew up beyond their expectations. Here is his mum’s post which can now be found on the official Woofenoot Website

Now, are you just as excited for Wolfenoot Day as we are?


A holiday based on compassion, dogs and like-minded animal lovers? We are definitely getting involved! As soon as the campaign popped up on our news feed we instantly knew this was something we wanted to be apart of.

The official Wolfenoot page has over 27,000 followers and likes! People have literally gone barking mad about the holiday - and so they should be! Kids really do have the best ideas and this is one of our favourites. What a wonderful way to celebrate humanity’s best friend.   

Wondering how to celebrate Wolfenoot day?

1. It’s time to uncage your inner pup and have a good howl!
When we told our little wolves and rescue wolves about Wolfenoot they were howling with excitement. We immediately came up with an idea of how we can show our support online by having some fun the time!

We invite all of you to share a howl with us today and thank the kid that created Wolfenoot. Don’t be camera shy - we all want to see your inner wolf side.

Tag @actionfordogs and #wolfenoot

2. Watch wolf movies! ( & no we don’t mean Wolf of Wall Street)
With the weather as it is in the UK at the moment why not snuggle up on the sofa and watch the best Wolf Movies? Twilight, An American Werewolf in London and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban are a couple of our all-time favourites.

3. Eat roast meat
The traditional Wolfenoot meal is roast meat. The story behind this is basically because that’s what wolves eat.

4. Full-moon Cake
Vegetarians cal also celebrate too! Another way of honour this day is to bake a cake decorated to look like a full moon. Thankfully the youngster was wise beyond his years and knew that cake is our favourite dessert.

5. Kindness and love
The most important way to take part in Wolfenoot day is to show kindness to animals and each other. The little things are what matter the most. You can do this by spoiling your furbaby a bit more than usual. Extra snuggles and treats always make your pets day.

You can also show gratitude and support to your favourite animal charity by making a donation. Action for Dogs is currently running a T-Shirt Fundraiser to raise funds and awareness for our staff’s favourite rescuers.

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Celebrating this unusual holiday can be fun for everyone, especially for families! If you want to release your inner wolf and howl with us make sure you tag @actionfordogs

We wish you all a very healthy, holy Woofenoot!