How to Transport a Dog From Koh Samui to Bangkok
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Pet transport - Koh Samui to Bangkok


To send pets from Koh Samui to Bangkok is easier than you think!


The quick trip over from Ko Samui to Bangkok is often the first journey many rescued pets make. Island dogs make great pets, and have a unique look about them that make them popular with both expats and locals.

Are you planning to take your pet from Koh Samui to Bangkok? We have a quick guide on sending your dog from Koh Samui to Bangkok, just for you! 


It is fairly straight forward to get your dog on the plane from Koh Samui to Bangkok yourself. As long as your dog is under 60kg, they can travel as unaccompanied cargo on all Bangkok Airways flights. You do not need a “human” ticket, however you will need your dog to be picked up in Bangkok on arrival (if you have booked onwards international transport with ActionForDogs then this service is free of charge).

First you must buy a suitable airline crate (To read top tips on how to get your dog or cat comfortable in the crate before the journey, click here!). As the only way to get your pet on the Bangkok Airways flight is by cargo, this needs to be a hard crate with no wheels. Only one pet is allowed per crate.

You must then contact Bangkok Airways via telephone or e-mail (+66 (2) 270 6699 / to reserve the space for your dog or cat on the flight at least 24 hours before departure. Bangkok Airways has different aircraft servicing this route, and each aircraft is limited as below (source:

On departure day, give your pet a light breakfast and a long walk before checking them in at Koh Samui airport. If your pet is traveling onwards with ActionForDogs, we will ensure they are met at the other end as soon as they land, and will send you an update so you have peace of mind. This is the quickest way to get your dog (or cat) from Koh Samui to Bangkok.


Although it is a long drive, some pet owners prefer for their pets to be accompanied for the duration of the journey. A pet taxi is a great alternative to traveling solo on the plane, although it takes a little while longer!

The taxi stops regularly to top up water, change pee pads, have a quick snack before it’s back on the road. The journey takes approximately 12 - 13 hours and is usually done overnight, so most pets have no problem drifting off and sleeping for the duration!

If you would like us to organise a taxi, please let us know! Often we can combine the journey with other pets heading home with one of our flyers, so the cost can be shared.

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