October 2020 Roundup

October 2020 Roundup

We can’t believe how quickly November has come around. It’s been a quiet month in the sky, but that doesn’t mean we’ve been taking it easy on the ground.


Here’s a little insight into what we’ve been getting up to...



12 Rescue Pets made their great escape from Thailand to the UK, France and Canada


We wish you and your darling doggos a beautiful life together! A big thank you to all adopters and our Flight Team for making our Rescues dreams come true!


As you can see the number of animals is lower than the month previous.. However, it’s important to remember behind every number is a real-life, a story of a cat or dog in need.



Provide a hand for the paw - We are looking for Flyers!


This month we’ve launched a campaign in search of flyers to join our Flyer Team! As a reward for your good deed, we will financially assist you with your flight costs (or you allocate this to your favourite rescuer!).


So, any flyer who is flying on a pet-friendly airline can now contribute even further to donating their flight payment directly to a rescue in Thailand. You’re not just saving one life, you will be saving many! How amazing is that?


Click on this link to find out how to become part of our animal-loving Flight Team!


Living in Thailand is becoming increasingly difficult, especially for animal charities who solely rely on donations and fundraisers to survive


The tourist industry has collapsed, and with no talk of borders opening soon, things are only going to get drastically worse. As a result, Thailand is full of abandoned pets and street dogs that are desperately searching for food and safety.


In celebration of Animal Welfare Week, we went behind the scenes and interviewed some of our favourite Rescuers. The corona-coaster is having a dramatic impact on their financial income, however, that doesn’t interfere with their dedication in helping the strays in need.


Listen to what they have to say for yourself and discover what a day in their shoes is really like.


What can you do to help? Shop for Street Dogs! 100% proceeds go to the chosen rescuer


We’ve extended our Fundraiser for another month in the hope to raise more awareness and donations for the Rescuers. After listening to their heartfelt interviews, we know there’s so much more that we can give.


Whether you’re looking for the perfect Christmas gift, a birthday present or if you’re just having a ‘treat yourself-moment’ our limited-edition designs are for every occasion.


Shopping has never felt so great!


Homewood Hounds! The fun, loving home they’ve always dreamed about!


Christmas is coming earlier this year for Rambo & Fat Tony! The beautiful brothers have been adopted, and just by chance, they’re both being re-homed in Leeds, UK. When they are 15 weeks, they can travel, so we get to keep these little cuties for a little while longer!


Bottle fed by us from only 10 days old, we’ve watched the duo blossom into their cheeky and charming selves. We’re so grateful that two wonderful adopters have come forward to welcome these little cuties into their homes.


Their excited new families are patiently awaiting their arrival, and we can’t wait to watch the start of their happy lives together.


Is there any room at the inn? Of course, there is!


We have two new additions to our foster house in Koh Chang, Luna and Moon! Under threat of poisoning by the landowner after they destroyed some immature durian trees, Happy Dogs Koh Chang had no option but to move them to safety; it was only a matter of time before they were next.


Born in the jungle and having very little human contact in their lives, this was going to be an enormous change for them. We were a little nervous about how they were going to adapt.


You will be happy to know they’ve exceeded our expectations! Our exceptional Foster Staff always go above and beyond and treat all the rescues like one big happy family. It melts our hearts to see Luna and Moon settling in so well.


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