September 2020 Roundup

September 2020 Roundup

September has been amazingly a record-breaking month, flying 60 dogs and cats total from the Streets of Thailand to sofas worldwide! Whilst most of the world is struggling with strict travel restrictions, we are 100% dedicated to saving as many lives as possible and no border closures are going to stop us!

A big thank you to each and every one of you who trusted us with the relocation of your beloved pet. We wish you all the best in your new future together and hope the reunion was as magical as it looked. We’d additionally like to give gratitude to our incredible Flyer Team. You guys are amazing and so very important to our project, especially the pets and owners you bring together. If you want to help us change lives, you can find out how to become a Flyer by clicking this link. 

Our Foster House has likewise been busy with check-ins & checkouts! Unfortunately, for us, we had to say goodbye to Somsii, Tommy, Rocky and Fiver as they embarked on their new adventures. We miss them already, but it’s been so overwhelming to see them settling into their new homes. Our newest member of the family, Marshall has made himself right at home with the three other pups, Whiskey, Camilla and Ralphy. Even though they’re one big happy family, Camilla & Ralphy are desperately in an extensive search for a Flyer to accompany them to their homes in Florida. We can instantly fly these two babies tomorrow, but with no flight available, it is unfortunately impossible. If you know anyone who is leaving Thailand flying to the USA - Please get in touch!

We want to take this opportunity again to everyone involved in the work of Action For Dogs. We couldn’t do this without you.

If you’re thinking about leaving Thailand with your canine companion, we will support you every paw of the way!!

Action For Dogs provided an amazing service and safely got our fur baby from France to the UK. They were a warm and friendly team and I would highly recommend this service. Thanks guys, you did a wonderful job

My fiance and I have had our sweet Somsii with us for more than a week. We are very satisfied with the organization and everything was organized very quickly. Just great that it worked so quickly with the papers and the flight.

This was an amazing service from start to finish!! I travelled ahead of my dogs and action for dogs were always in touch via email answering any of my queries and guiding me through the process. The dogs came from Bangkok all the way to my front door in kent! they kept me posted every step of the way!! highly recommend! thank you everyone!