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You can now apply to join our Flight Guardian Team, escorting wonderful cats and dogs worldwide.

This year has been a hard year for everyone, but especially for Rescuers who are on the ground helping animals in need. With the closing of the Thai borders, it has become increasingly difficult to fly adopted dogs home, and therefore very little space remains at the majority of shelters in Thailand. This severely impacts their ability to take on new, emergency cases and takes up funds that could have been allocated elsewhere, as housing the dogs long-term in foster homes soon adds up!

We are actively recruiting regular flyers ("Flight Guardians") to assist with getting these adopted dogs to their new homes to enable these amazing rescuers to continue their good work. And you can now apply to join our team!

- Enjoy regular flights assisting rescued pets around the world

- Incentives are given regularly for the most frequent flyers

- Full support provided for every journey via dedicated App, Whatsapp and E-mail.

- Exclusive access to team trips and activities

- Excellent networking experience for those passionate about the Rescue Community

Before applying, please be sure to read the information on our blog post here

Make every adventure meaningful when you become a Flight Guardian.