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The cheapest option to get your pet from Thailand to the UK and Europe. 

Joining one of our "Pack Transport" trips enables you to get your dog or cat from Bangkok to the USA, Canada, UK or Europe for a fraction of the price other transporters have quoted you.

We also donate a portion of the flat fee to trustworthy dog and cat rescues in Thailand to assist them with the great work they are doing every day. 

Each "pack" contains 4 - 5 fully vaccinated, very loved animals and the transport cost is split evenly between adopters. 




What's Included

Included in the flat fee



  • All paperwork required for travel, including livestock service
  • Full e-mail support pre-departure
  • Transport from Bangkok airport to most UK/European/USA/Canada airport destinations 
  • Journey tracked with GPS for your peace of mind
  • Vet check and De-worming pre-departure
  • Boarding of your pet before the flight
  • Pet Taxi to Bangkok airport on Departure day and full check-in service
  • Full updates, including photos, to your phone throughout the journey
  • Donation towards one of the many dog rescuers helping animals in Thailand



We have transparent pricing on all routes. To get an exact quote, please use our Quote Generator.


1 - 4 flights per month, per destination. After completing the booking form we will contact you with the closest available dates. 



About Us


We are an all star team of animal lovers from around the world who all have one thing in common - wanting to help street animals of the world!

We are a UK Ltd Company and fully registered and insured Pet Transport, ensuring you peace of mind for the entire journey. 

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