We have teamed up with a trusted, positive only, force-free trainer to assist you and your rescue dog in the transition from streets to sofa.

Rescue dogs are often higher needs than the average pet dog and many need a little more reassurance due to the situations they have been rescued from. 

Selina, of Hedingham Hounds, is a UK based trainer who specialises in reactive, 'moody' mutts and is on hand to support you on your adoption adventure. 


Although some rescue dogs have received a certain level of basic training while awaiting transport, many come straight from a crowded shelter environment to a house environment and it can be somewhat of a culture shock. Dogs that have behaved one way in the shelter, can start to exhibit new behaviours once they arrive in their new homes. 

Having a qualified and experienced trainer on hand for these times is essential.


Online One-to-One Sessions

Selina will support you via VIP online sessions to address any difficulties you are having and set you and your dog up for success in the future. 

Learn at your own pace

Online modules support your learning and allow you to give feedback about your progress along the way.


We only believe in force-free training, but what is that?

Force-free training is exactly that! Selina promotes a holistic approach to dog training that takes all aspects of your dogs history and current situation to identify and address the route cause of problem behaviours.

You never need to scare your new dog to make him listen!


All dogs are different, but you can expect to achieve the following during your training sessions:


  • Improve your bond with your new rescue
  • Recall, sit, lie down and other basic behaviours
  • Understand how to address problem behaviours such as barking, counter-surfing, food aggression and more...

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We are an all star team of animal lovers from around the world who all have one thing in common - wanting to help street animals of the world!

We are a UK Ltd Company and fully registered and insured Pet Transport, ensuring you peace of mind for the entire journey. 

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